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Are you interested in improved air quality in Houston? Your indoor space should be safe and the air you breathe should be clean and healthy. Luckily, when you work with the team at Absolute A/C & Heating, we can help you find solutions to improve the quality of your indoor air and eliminate contamination that threatens to hurt your health. We understand how important the health of your family is to you, this is why we have made this one of our areas of focus when servicing our clients HVAC systems.

All the air that is sent through your HVAC system to be cooled or heated must first pass through an air filter. The simplest solution for filtering out pollutants is to keep your air filtration system clean and efficient. We can help you to ensure that you are reaching this goal, while also helping you to select the best air filters for your space.

In addition to clean air filters, having an efficient HVAC system will go a long way to keeping your air clean and crisp. There are other options that can be explored for spaces that deal with excessive contamination or have residents with respiratory sensitivities that need to be addressed for their health.

Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and to get the highest quality air in your space.

Humidity Control Houston

Houston is in a subtropical climate, making it a city that deals with excessive humidity throughout most of the year. Humidity is moisture that gets trapped in the air and can make warm weather feel sticky and thick. Unfortunately, beyond making outdoor conditions more uncomfortable, humidity also can lead to damage for many prominent materials we use when building homes and other structures. 

While your outdoor property may be resilient enough to withstand high levels of humidity, your interior housing materials and belongings are not strong enough to be exposed to high levels of humidity and moisture. This is especially true when paired with warm outdoor temperatures, like the ones we deal with for much of the year.

Heat and humidity inside of your space can lead to warped wood, peeling paint, and the development of mold. Once you have moisture trapped inside of your space it can be costly and time consuming to fully correct the issue.

If you notice your interior space feels moist, sticky, or like the air is thick with water, you will want to begin exploring the potential causes for this issue. Reaching out to Absolute A/C & Heating is a great place to start when it comes to gaining humidity control in Houston.

AC Quality Control Houston

Having total control over the climate in your space is vital for home and business owners. When you have a malfunctioning AC in your space you will have no control over the quality performance you are getting. This can make it difficult to get the best results from your air conditioning system, or even to identify whenever there is a problem with the performance you are getting. 

At Absolute A/C & Heating we provide the services designed to help you gain AC quality control in Houston. We can test the performance of your air conditioning system and identify any issues you may be having. This will help to stop them from worsening, which can minimize your chances of experiencing a breakdown.

Additionally, if you don’t know that your AC is failing to operate at maximum efficiency, you will also end up paying more money for electrical costs to run this major appliance. Even though you are spending more money to use your air conditioner, you will most likely still end up with subpar results. 

Contact us today to take the necessary steps to protect your air conditioner and gain AC quality control in Houston.

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    Your Inddor Air Quality Questions - Answered

    Air filters were designed to protect your HVAC equipment. This is done by creating a barrier air must pass through before changing temperatures. Your filter will collect dust, dirt, dander, and pollen before redistributing air back through your space. In addition to increasing your energy use, dirty filters negatively impact your indoor air quality by letting contaminants enter your HVAC system and then throughout your home through your air vents. Make sure you are prioritizing your air filters cleanliness in order to protect yourself and your HVAC system from harmful contaminants and materials.

    Some air filters are reusable and will just need to be cleaned, while many other air filters will require total replacement. On average, you should be expecting to change your air filter out every 2-3 months. However, if you live in a dusty climate, have pets, or other influencing factors that can lead to your filter becoming clogged more rapidly, you may need to change or clean your air filter more often. Protect your air quality and HVAC system by staying on top of your air filter maintenance.

    Air filter quality can be important for some systems more than others. The most critical aspect of your air filter is that you are keeping it clean. A dirty or clogged filter will reduce air flow and will also result in lowered air quality for your space. Additionally, when your air filter becomes clogged, you may experience serious issues with your cooling or heating system that can result in major breakdowns and reduced life expectancy from your unit. For those who suffer from asthma, respiratory illness, or severe allergies, changing your air filter more frequently than every 2-3 months may help you.

    Yes! Some of the most common and overlooked problems facing home and business owners' HVAC systems can be traced back to dirty and clogged air filters. These dirty filters not only impact the quality of your air, they disrupt your energy efficiency, and also place a great deal of strain on your system. This negatively affects your HVAC systems ability to cool or heat air before distributing it back throughout your space. If you are having issues with the cooling or heating in your home, replacing your air filters is a great place to start.

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